New album called “Summing”, released on March 6, 2020

Zea plays together with highly explosive improvising electric clavichord wizard Oscar Jan Hoogland. Coming from the Dutch improvised music scene, he is adding and opposing a unique sound to Zea’s songwriting which makes their music tense, erratic, bold and high-spirited.

The two recently recorded an album together which will be released spring 2020 on Makkum Records, De Platenbakkerij and Klanggalerie.

In 2018 the duo toured The Netherlands and the UK, early 2019 they toured together in Ghana and Burkina Faso. An extensive European tour is planned for 2020.

All photos taken by Annelies Verhelst

Zea & Oscar Jan Hoogland – Ex-40 Fest Vera 2019
Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland live in Yelewongo, Burkina Faso
Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland – Summing (The Antikörper Sessions)
Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland – Atomic Heart (The Antikörper Sessions)
Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland – Lost Phone
Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland – You’re Dead
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