Songs for a dead pilot

I made a cover of a Space Siren song called “Who makes me try?” It is out on double 7″ with two Space Siren songs and an other cover by WOLVON on my own Makkum Records, Space Siren’s Katzwijm and on Subroutine. It’s a small statue for Corno, driving force and amazing Space Siren guitarist and inspiring producer in his own Next To Jaap Studio where I recorded many songs. He sadly passed away November last year. His music is for the future and this double 7″ is part of it.

Exploding Head Syndrome

A new 7inch! Finally. It’s a split 7″ with Oscar Jan Hoogland who I have known for so long already and now he joins me on this new song and he fills the other side with a solo electric clavichord piece which I think is fantastic. Send me an email if you like to buy the single, it’s only 5 euro plus shipping costs. Listen here and download the tracks if you like for a few bucks: Zea Bandcamp . A new full length album is coming early April!